Come and have your kitesurfing lesson with our IKO qualified kite instructor. Kitesurfing Lessons Gold Coast instructors offer you a chance to learn kiteboarding in a safe environment and can offer complete kitesurfing packages including harness, kites and boards. We can organise a lesson at a safe learning location from Byron Bay to the Gold Coast!

Kitesurfing has come a long way since it’s beginnings, and the new equipment is a lot safer and easy to use now more than ever before. This new equipment with tailored kitesurfing lessons with our instructors will give you the best start to one of the greatest and addictive sports on the planet.

We supply all the latest and safest equipment for your kiteboarding lesson so there’s no need to bring anything! Our learn to kite sessions are tailored to your needs, skills and learning ability so we can make sure your competent and comfortable to hit the water safely and with confidence.

We offer competitive pricing and discounted lesson packages for school students, so Contact Us to organise your first exciting kitesurfing lesson

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Flying the kite.

You must get to a relatively comfortable and competent stage of flying the kite to be able to ride a board. The 1st kite move in the sport is the Power Stroke. This develops the transitional power from standing still to planing along the surface of the water. The next move is, “parking the kite”, this will enable you to body drag or simply ride safely. Then you learn, “sining the kite”, which enables you to develop speed or simply to develop more power when you need it.

learn to kiteboard
kitesurfing lessons gold coast flying the kite

Safety & Self Rescue 

We all have to know how to stay safe if something happens beyond the scope of our skills or if something goes wrong with our gear.

Self rescue safely teaches us how to return to shore, with all our gear, in the quickest and safest way possible, in the event of a situation.

Launching and landing are when most incidents occur in kiting. There is a correct, safe way & many wrong ways. There is also kiting etiquette that will help you to kite with others, and allow them to pass up or downwind of you safely plus all the hand signals. Kiting with bad etiquette is annoying for your fellow kiters and is also dangerous. It is a great skill to learn and employ & it will help make you way more popular at crowded spots so it’s good for everybody.

Riding the board.

Most of our kitesurfing lesson is focused on flying the kite and, except for the initial stage, is instructed whilst the board is on your feet and the instructor is right there with you in the water. At first you learn to keep the board on your feet whilst employing your new found kite skills, then you will learn to use these kite skills to lift your backside, slowly out of the water and back down. Next you will learn to do short runs and transitions (turning). All these initial stages are done with our instructor hanging on to your safety harness, allowing immediate feedback, tips and guidance.

Next you will perform short solo runs and transitions. Transitions are the hardest component of this part of the course and short runs are the best way for us to learn this most important skill.

kitesurfing lessons gold coast riding kiteboard

Information Video

The popular Flukes Kitesurfing team shows us some important information on kitesurfing and a brief beginner kitesurfing overview. This video will help give you some basic knowledge before your first lesson.