Ocean Rodeo Prodigy

At Kitesurfing Lessons Gold Coast we use the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy for teaching our students. This kite is very stable in the air, has a light bar pressure, is extremely easy to relaunch off the water and is very predictable in power delivery. All these make it an ideal kite for teaching.

Built with a robust 3 strut design it features a massive wind range and incredible flight stability the Prodigy is an ideal choice for kiters looking for the perfect freeride or wave kite. With superb power delivery and a generous, forgiving feel the Prodigy delivers smooth turns and effortless big airs and hang time while sitting perfectly in the window and drifting with you when you’re powered up and on a wave.


The Prodigy has unmatched stability in the air, meaning gusts are handled extremely well by the kite & it will drift well with line slack


Simple, reliable & quick relaunching makes this kite the perfect choice for beginners through to advanced kiters

Wind Range

The Prodigy has been designed to have a very large usable wind range, meaning you can safely hit the water in a larger variety of conditions & still feel comfortable & in control


Using quality materials in the kite construction % refined over the years, the Prodigy is built tough to endure the punishment from both you & our school students


Featuring the Ocean Rodeo roll-over bridle, the Prodigy is designed to fully roll-over & depower the kite. This Direct-Depower allows a near fully depowered kite & an easy on the water reset & relaunch

2016 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy

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Ocean Rodeo Prodigy


Control Bar

Below the bar swivel - above the bar trim

Featuring below the bar swivel, above the bar trim and a low Y / front line re-ride set-up the Control Bar works perfectly with all generations of Ocean Rodeo kite and virtually all other brands’ kites.
Additional features include: bar end line keepers, rear line length adjustments, optional suicide leash configuration, swiveling chicken finger and, short chicken loop length.