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Kitesurfing Lessons Gold Coast

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Kitesurfing Lessons Gold Coast

Kitesurfing Lessons on the Gold Coast

Tailored one on one kiteboarding lessons right in the heart of the Gold Coast



Kitesurfing, kiting, kiteboarding – whatever you call it – is one of the most exciting and addictive water sports on earth. Kiteboarding lessons have come a long way, we tailor our lessons to suit each individual student and kitesurfing is suitable for people of all ages. Kitesurfing Lessons Gold Coast school delivers one on one lessons from IKO certified instructors, giving you the most cost effective, safe and enjoyable start to your kitesurfing adventure. With locations ranging from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Tweed Heads we have a safe teaching area near you for a variety of weather conditions.

Whether you are looking at cruising the flat water spots, hitting the waves or laying down some freestyle tricks, our kitesurfing lessons are the safe kickstart you need to begin your journey. All instructors are extremely experienced and passionate kitesurfers with IKO qualifications.

Kitesurfing Lessons Gold Coast supply all the latest and safest kiteboarding equipment. We use Ocean Rodeo kites that are stable, have a smooth power delivery and are robust and extremely safe. Our kiteboards are designed for easy planning and turning ability, enabling you to progress faster. You can read more our kitesurfing teaching equipment here.

All our kitesurfing lesson equipment is current model and in excellent condition, ensuring you get the best kitesurfing learning experience. If you already have kitesurfing equipment, no problems, bring it along to your lesson and our kitesurfing instructor will inspect your gear and give sound advice on your equipment.

Equipment & Lesson

Equipment & Lesson


Ready to start immediately? We offer very competitive kite & board packages with your lessons

Individual & Group

Individual & Group

Lesson Packages

We offer a range of kitesurfing lessons and expert guidance on equipment selection

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Tailored Lessons

Our kiteboarding lessons are tailored to suit each individual student to maximise their lesson time & experience

IKO Certified Trainers

Our trainers are IKO trained & certified, meaning they have been trained & assessed to a high level of kitesurfing teaching practices

Latest and Safe Equipment

We use the latest kitesurfing equipment to ensure you get the safest & most progressive lesson strategy

Friendly Training Staff

Our trainer is friendly & addicted to kiting, so we are always happy to answer any questions, help out with gear or to lend a hand.

Discounted Kitesurfing Gear

Competitive pricing on a range of kitesurfing equipment when you have your lessons with us

Sound Advice

Our kitesurfing instructor will guide & advise you in the selection of the right equipment for you

Dealer Backed Warranty

A local dealer available 24/7 for any problems, advice or information, & a full range of spare parts

Quality Equipment

Stocking a range of Ocean Rodeo, Mystic & Shinn - high quality kitesurfing equipment & world renowned companies

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Equipment & Lesson Packages

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